Logistics Center, Taiwan




Logistics Center, Taiwan

Mission statement:
Our mission is to help inventory owners save costs and solve management problems; while providing the most efficient backup support as well as flow control.

Land area:
273 meters long, 122 meters wide, occupying more than 33,000 square meters.

Storage capacity:
Automated Cold Storage Center, holds up to 10,000 units, 100% computer controlled on a first in first out basis.A temperature controlled warehouse occupies some 3,300 m2, provided with 650 storage shelves. In the meantime, large-sized commodities can also be displayed on the ground.

Target customers:
importers and distributers of frozen and chilled products, frozen food manufacturers, supermarkets.

Associated partners:
domestic cold logistics, international freight logistics.

Associated services:
transit→ental of storage spaces at northern, central and southern transition docks;
delivery operations→collective delivery services;
transportation→collective transportation→returning containers transportation

Gallant Ocean Global Network, connecting Taiwan to the world.
In Taiwan, Gallant Ocean Group has established a marketing network that reaches customers across many industries; offeringcomplete inventory flow from global imports/exports -> transport -> storage -> processing -> logistics -> end user delivery. Now, customers can transact directly to anywhere around the world through the Gallant Ocean Global Network; whether you are importing from or exporting to other parts of the world, the Gallant Ocean Global Network provides you the access to international markets. Gallant Ocean Group is definitely customers' quickest and most efficient short-cut.

ADDRESS:No.5, Yongguang St., Xiaogang District, Kaohsiung City 812, Taiwan.R.O.C.