About Us
Gallant Ocean Group is a family-owned multinational corporation based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Incorporated in 1984, Gallant Ocean begins its journey as an Aquaculture Seafood Processor exporting quality seafood products from Asia to the world and has been a major exporter of Tilapia and Shrimp products ever since.

With over 38 years of experience in the industry, Gallant Ocean has expanded to incorporate wide range of business activities including Export, Import, Wholesale, Trading, Cold-Chain & Logistic Services of Seafood & Food products in various countries across Asia.

The group's parent company Gallant Ocean International, Inc. comprises of 14 subsidiaries, the countries of operation include Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, United States and Australia.

Gallant Ocean produces all products from its own 8 factories across Asia, able to deliver premium product with quality assurance, better conformation to specific requirements, at a competitive pricing, giving its customer a peace of mind making purchase.

All of Gallant’s production plants meet international food safetycertification standards, such as HACCP, EU, FDA, BRC, HALAL, while some plantsable to offer sustainability-certified products from ASC, MSC & BAP.

Main Product Portfolio:
FISH (Taiwan, Thailand, China): Tilapia, Milkfish,Barramundi, Mackerels, Kingfish, Rohu

SHRIMP (Vietnam, Myanmar & Thailand): 
Raw & Cooked Black Tiger & White Shrimp (HOSO/HLSO/PDTO), 
Nobashi, Sushi Ebi, Freshwater & Sea Shrimp (white/pink/hardshell)

BREADED (Vietnam & Myanmar): Butterfly, Torpedo, Tempura, Popcorn, Fritter,Seafood Burger, Shrimp Ball

CRAB  (Myanmar) — Soft Shell Crab(Raw/Breaded/Pre-fried) 

CEPHALOPOD (Taiwan & Thailand): Illex Squid, Baby Octopus, Cuttlefish
Gallant Ocean imports and exports in excess of 2,400 containers per year with an annual turnover of US$250millions in 2019. 

Looking forwards, Gallant Ocean hold a strong interest in the future prospect of seafood processing, and it has continuously investing into development and improvement of its processing capacity and capabilities.

Gallant has set a long term corporate growth goals with particular emphasis in the Seafood Production, Marketing, R&D and Logistic Services in the ASEAN countries, to capitalize on the economic growth and demographic dividend brought about by these thriving countries.

The history of Gallant Ocean goes back to 1984, when founder Gary Ho exporting the very first container of cultivated Black Tiger Shrimp from Taiwan to the US.This trading marks the beginning of Gallant Ocean’s booming seafood business and soon after, Thailand became the 2nd origin Gallant exports from. However, the shrimp farming industry in Taiwan was quickly hampered by widespread contagion, resulting to a shift of focus to a successful new breeding of aquaculture fish in 1986 - now the world most cultivated fish - Tilapia

Gallant Ocean set up its first production plant (ChiaFong) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1988, to process and export high quality Tilapia from Taiwan and has been a major exporter ever since.The success of Tilapia farming and export has enabled Gallant Ocean to expand rapidly from Taiwan to other Asian countries, duplicating its successful business model to produce and export fresh, high quality seafood from Asia to around the globe.

Since 1988, Gallant Ocean has continued to expand both its production bases and product lines throughout Asia, including China, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar, with each production site specializes in seafood products that are unique and competitive to its own region in terms of availability, quality and cost.

From 1991, Gallant also started to produce Black Tiger Shrimp and White Shrimp products initially from Thailand to Vietnam & Myanmar, utilising the ideal farming environment and lower production cost these countries offered. 

Since 2000’s, Gallant expanded its portfolio to include Value Added seafood products like Breaded, Pre-fried and Prepared products as well as investment into Soft Shell Crab farming in Myanmar, giving Gallant the opportunity to experience a drastic growth to its production volume and sales value, achieving a gross revenue of US$250 millions in 2019.

Currently operating 12 SBUs scattered across Asia; Gallant procures, produces, sells and delivers a wide variety of seafood products from & to assorted suppliers/customers in numerous countries on a daily basis. 

Looking ahead, Gallant Ocean strives to become the market leader in seafood products, with a clear vision to build a global seafood supply chain, and with the aids of advanced cold chain infrastructures, to challenge ourselves to become a world-class food service provider.