• Distributors can cut back investments on computer equipment and retain more working capital.
  • It can reduce staff expenses and operating costs by about 10%
  • Reduce cold storage rental expenses, loading and unloading charges etc, and increase profitability.
  • It allows distributors to focus on core business, letting them explore more sales opportunities.
  • First in first out; stringent monitoring on expiring and defective products; maintain product quality and
  • No stock taking personnel are required as this is done by the logistics center.
  • Stock taking does not disrupt dispatch, thereby raising sales.
  • No risk of stock losses.
  • Allocated shelves; merchandise are free from congestion damage.
  • Constant temperature control; extend product expiry and reduce the chances of degradation.
  • Professional delivery team avoids rush hours.
  • Immediate collection of inventories on-site, saving valuable time.
  • Incorporated information technology, providing data analysis that raises operation performance.
  • Management reporting at regular intevals; dispose expired and reduce illiquid inventory.
  • Automatic restocking reminder reduces the chance of going out of stock and loss of business opportunities.