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  • Computerized automatic cold storage/retrieval system.
  • Capable of loading/unloading 140 pallets/hr at full automation.
  • Easy for stock taking; allowing more precise inventory control.
  • Computerized storage space; first in first out to keep inventory within expiry.
  • Highly effecient and accurate unloading /tallying operations.
  • Consistency and timely inventory reports.
  • Flexibility in despatch; allows despatches according to batch number, date of manufacture, type of purchase order, date of purchase etc.
  • Monthly regular reconciliation of inventory.
  • Provides various management reports on illiquid inventory, ABC Grading for products and customers, defective inventory, expired inventory, inventory turnover.
  • Accessible via the Internet for inquiry on inventory.
  • Place orders via the Internet, EDI, FAX, TEL etc.
  • Confidentiality in customers' information, allows zero leakage.
  • Firewall protection prevents illegal access.
  • Monitor inventory on behalf of customers; first in first out with automatic restocking reminder.