Chiafong Plant, Taiwan

Established in 1984, Gallant Ocean Group has become the prominent Seafood supplier in Asia amongst the others.With operation headquarter located in Taiwan, Gallant Ocean.....more

NhaTrang Plant, Vietnam

Most of these Black Tiger Shrimps are exported to Taiwan, followed by Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, Singapore and other ASEAN countries.In 2007 we expanded.....more

QuangNgai Plant, Vietnam

Our main products including white shrimp PD, Nobash, Cooked white shrimp, CPD and value-added products of Breaded butterfly shriump, Torpedo, Popcorm, Raw Vegetable.....more

Yangon Plant, Mynamar

Myanmar factory has recently received EEC certification.EU number: YGN/058/GOT/DOF.Major selling countries: Japan, Australia, EU, Taiwan, China.....more

Sittwe Plant, Mynamar

Myanmar Sittwe Plant is located on an estuarial island created at the confluence of the Kaladan, Mayu, and Lay Mro rivers emptying into the Bay of Bengal.Although Burma is still one of......more

Logistics Center, Taiwan

Our mission is to help inventory owners save costs and solve management problems; while providing the most efficient backup support as well as flow controlc.....more