Gallant Ocean Newsletter October, 2017

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Barramundi, Black Tiger, Milkfish


Taiwan: Price is higher compare to last month because of low season, there is a gap for 400/600 and 600/800. The rest of sizes are full of supply, suggest to replace or mix with other size can push the ETD earlier.

China: Price keeps going up due to short supply, main size is small size such as 100/200, 200/300, 300/500. Size larger than 600 up is difficult to gather.


Vietnam: Vannamei price is going up and down within these two weeks. But the range of decreasing is not much due to supply is not as much as expected from the South to North.You can found small quantity of Black Tiger available at the South, mostly is smaller size, the volume is affected by rain season and price is high.

Myanmar: Whether the landing of Black Tiger is not as much as before, but we collect raw materials in advance so now we have full supply of sizes, ready to take new orders.

Sea shrimp is not in a good condition, catching quantity is still poor, hope next month the situation will be better.