Gallant Ocean Newsletter January, 2018

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Milkfish, Black Tiger Shrimp HLSO, Bread Soft Shell Crab


Myanmar(Sea Shrimp, Black Tiger Shrimp): Sea shrimp landing is less than half of the amount compared to last year. The availability of bigger size 26-30 & 31/40 and above is decreasing; prices are 5-10% increased. Black Tiger season is off; price still stays high and not seeing the trend to drop. There are stocks available for all size at the time.

Vietnam (Vannamei, Black Tiger Shrimp): Vannamei is getting few due to chill weather and coming Chinese New Year, price is in high level; new season will be a bit delay this year, should be after May. Black Tiger is short in the past season, very limited supply with high price, mostly supply to domestic market.


Taiwan: Small size 200-600 is still short, where as 600 up is released fine, and 1000 up is in stock; however, price is increasing due to fewer offspring available this year. Price is still looking to go up after Chinese New Year.

China: It's the time to clear ponds; big size fish is unavailable, but 350/550 can be shipped in March. Price is high due to low output and coming Chinese New Year Holiday.

Soft Shell Crab

Myanmar: Crabs 100gm above still lacks but the demand is never decreased, as well as crabs are not removing shells due to cold weather, price is still looking to go up when it's actually in high level already.