Gallant Ocean Newsletter November, 2017

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Black Tiger Shrimp,Soft Shell Crab,Barramundi

Shrimp (Sea shrimp, Vannamei & Black Tiger)

Vietnam: As it keeps raining, Vannamei amount were affected. Many farms keeps material, as insufficient of raw material supply price remains high. Need to see if in December would have some amount to cover.

Myanmar: As catching situation for Sea shrimp still not good, the price remains high. Hope the situation may get better during end of November.


Taiwan: As for winter season output is expected to reduce, for this reason some farms try to clear ponds at the moment, raw material still sufficient. However, it is expect that after December, supply of raw material might drop. Current size for 400/600 is limited; other size is more available, especially for big size like 1000up. Suggest replacing or mixing with other size to ensure shipment on time.

China: Compare to last month, raw material now is rather stable, price remains the same, it is expect would remain the same till end of the year. Mainly 550/750 is more available compare to other size.