Logistic Center Introduction

Logistics Center, Taiwan

Mission statement:
Our mission is to help inventory owners save costs and solve management problems; while providing the most efficient backup support as well as flow control.

Land area:
273 meters long, 122 meters wide, occupying more than 33,000 square meters.

Storage capacity:
Automated Cold Storage Center, holds up to 10,000 units, 100% computer controlled on a first in first out basis.A temperature controlled warehouse occupies some 3,300 m2, provided with 650 storage shelves. In the meantime, large-sized commodities can also be displayed on the ground.

Target customers:
importers and distributers of frozen and chilled products, frozen food manufacturers, supermarkets.

Associated partners:
domestic cold logistics, international freight logistics.

Associated services:

transit→ental of storage spaces at northern, central and southern transition docks;
delivery operations→collective delivery services;
transportation→collective transportation→returning containers transportation

Gallant Ocean Global Network, connecting Taiwan to the world.
In Taiwan, Gallant Ocean Group has established a marketing network that reaches customers across many industries; offering complete inventory flow from global imports/exports -> transport -> storage -> processing -> logistics -> end user delivery. Now, customers can transact directly to anywhere around the world through the Gallant Ocean Global Network; whether you are importing from or exporting to other parts of the world, the Gallant Ocean Global Network provides you the access to international markets. Gallant Ocean Group is definitely customers' quickest and most efficient short-cut.
  • Distributors can cut back investments on computer equipment and retain more working capital.
  • It can reduce staff expenses and operating costs by about 10%
  • Reduce cold storage rental expenses, loading and unloading charges etc, and increase profitability.
  • It allows distributors to focus on core business, letting them explore more sales opportunities.
  • First in first out; stringent monitoring on expiring and defective products; maintain product quality and reputation.
  • No stock taking personnel are required as this is done by the logistics center.
  • Stock taking does not disrupt dispatch, thereby raising sales.
  • No risk of stock losses.
  • Allocated shelves; merchandise are free from congestion damage.
  • Constant temperature control; extend product expiry and reduce the chances of degradation.
  • Professional delivery team avoids rush hours.
  • Immediate collection of inventories on-site, saving valuable time.
  • Incorporated information technology, providing data analysis that raises operation performance.
  • Management reporting at regular intevals; dispose expired and reduce illiquid inventory.
  • Automatic restocking reminder reduces the chance of going out of stock and loss of business opportunities.
  • 即時貨況回報:司機送貨完成後立即回報,管理人員可從系統中查看回報狀況與達成率,提供客戶查詢與管理人員作車輛調度參考。
  • 即時溫度回報:車機整合溫度感測器,可將車櫃內即時溫度傳送回監控中心,可對於異常溫度即時警示,並留下紀錄以便追蹤管理。
  • 查詢即時貨況:直接上網連線到嘉豐低溫物流供應鍊管理系統,登入帳號後,查詢出貨狀態或貨運訂單,即可查到即時貨況。
  • 異常管理機制:車櫃溫度異常立即警示,預防貨物品質劣變,追蹤貨物按照運輸既定行程進行,讓管理中心即時得知車隊運送過程中各種資訊。
  • Conveniently situated; 10 minutes drive to Port of Kaohsiung, and 5 minutes drive to Kaohsiung International Airport.
  • Despatch centers located at northern, central, and southern Taiwan.
  • Each dispatch center is equipped with large vehicles (trailers) for transportaion.
  • There are a wide variety of vehicles at each despatch center; capable of satisfying customers every need.
Logistic Cold Storage
  • 10 columns, 38 rows, and 12 storeys totalling 9,120 storage spaces.
  • FS stacker 5 units, 140 P/Hr.
  • 4 storey complex.1F Loading/Unloading Bay, 2F Tally, 3F Cold storage, 4F Office.

  • Logistic center with the largest cold storage capacity, 10000 freezer spaces, over 660 square meters of cross-docking tally space.
  • Wide tally space for fast and efficient loading/unloading.
  • Spacious room for vehicle manouvering, allowing more convenient entry and exit.
  • Faster computerized tallying and dispatch. No more waiting for self carrying.
  • Five forty-foot long container freezer trucks, three 6.5-ton freezer trucks, with air-tight seals and temperature-keeping doors.
  • Temperature control panels and equipment installed, keeping temperature at 5°C~10°C.
  • Conveyor facilities, roller shutter, freezer gate and 5 stackers etc. are available.

  • Computerized automatic cold storage/retrieval system.
  • Capable of loading/unloading 140 pallets/hr at full automation.
  • Easy for stock taking; allowing more precise inventory control.
  • Computerized storage space; first in first out to keep inventory within expiry.
  • Highly effecient and accurate unloading /tallying operations.
  • Consistency and timely inventory reports.
  • Monitor inventory on behalf of customers; first in first out with automatic restocking reminder.
  • Flexibility in despatch; allows despatches according to batch number, date of manufacture, type of purchase order, date of purchase etc.
  • Monthly regular reconciliation of inventory.
  • Provides various management reports on illiquid inventory, ABC Grading for products and customers, defective inventory, expired inventory, inventory turnover.
  • Accessible via the Internet for inquiry on inventory.
  • Place orders via the Internet, EDI, FAX, TEL etc.
  • Confidentiality in customers' information, allows zero leakage.
  • Firewall protection prevents illegal access.

  • Stringent temperature control: -25±1℃ at frozen storage, 10℃c at processing; quality assured.
  • MYCOM spiral refrigeration compressors 4 units, and 1000KW emergency power generators.
  • Durable schock-resistent design; 25-meter deep PC steel framework.
  • 24-hour patrol and security measures.
  • Advanced qualified fire safety system.
  • Regular disinfection to ensure a hygienic environment as well as product quality.
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