Gallant Ocean Newsletter September, 2017

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Shrimp(Sea Shrimp,Vannamei, Black Tiger)

Vietnam: Output is quite limited in Nha Trang area however in the south of Vietnam, some amount starts to be released although quantity is still few. Current price of vannamei remains constant since Chinese seldom comes here to purchase recently. Estimating they will purchase after the Moon Festival and by the time price will go up.

Myanmar: Yield of sea shrimps for September doesn’t rise. Big size, including 26/30, 31/40 become less and price keeps the same. As for small size, output increases. However price is still at the high peak; doesn’t drop. Evaluating raw material will release gradually and the overall will remain constant.


Taiwan: Tilapia prices increase dramatically due to shortage of raw material. Even small size is quite limited now. Only 200/300 is available at the moment, suggesting that can purchase 200/300 as alternative size in this short period. Lots of factories raised up the price to attract farmers release more fishes whereas it makes market disordered. Currently there’re many orders line up to wait for raw material released. Delivery time is affected as well.

China: Raw material is quite short at the moment since farmershold the material in order to get the better price. Also with bad exchanging rate and increasing price for packing, it leads to price of fish go up a lot. Factories hope that price can drop slightly next month, however it can’t be assured.